Jewellery Care

The trust is that jewellery will eventually tarnish overtime, whether it is costume jewellery, sterling silver or 16K/18K gold. If you are like me who likes to purchase timeless, fashion forward jewellery without having to break the bank, then this one may be for you…

Here are the 4 basic tips below:

1. Storage is the key

Storing jewellery correctly is a main factor in determining how long it will last. When left in the open, jewellery is exposed to moisture in the air and or direct sunlight, and it will tarnish faster than expected. That’s why our Tiffany’s Blue Jewellery Organizer box is the way forward. This not only protects your jewellery from the harsh elements of the environment but also helps to de - clutter and keep your pieces tangled free. Tip (Make sure that you seal the box completely!)

2. Keep it dry

Make sure that you avoid direct contacts with moisture and liquids such as body lotions or perfumes. Other factors include perspiration whilst wearing the jewellery or having oily skin (this will vary from person to person). In the event that you accidently get your jewellery wet, be sure to wipe it dry immediately. You can also use a non – fiber cloth that will do the trick.

3. Get yourself a jewellery protectant spray

Having a jewellery protectant spray not only helps to prevent your jewellery from tarnishing faster, but it helps protect your skin against allegies like skin irritation and rashes for those who may have sensitive skin. We are considering adding our own jewellery protect spray to our website in the near future.

4. Alternate your jewellery

Allow yourself to rotate your favourite jewellery pieces at a time (we have a wonderful collection to choose from) Treat your jewellery pieces with love and care and they will last for a long time.

Tip: All jewellery will eventually tarnish overtime, so try and go for pieces that are made from stainless steel or more finer jewellery if you are the type who prefers “tarnish free” jewellery.

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