My personal favourite!

From the beginning of my journey of starting my online store, I wanted to create timeless bohemian jewellery that was related with my love of the ocean. 

I saw the jewellery market boom, particularly with Gen Z and that's when I had a light bulb moment and thought let me create a side hustle to earn extra money on the side.

Going to the beach on a regular basis, whilst sun bathing or just watching the waves. The main idea was to create a statement piece of jewellery that would become part of my brand.

When I saw the Ocean Wave Necklace, I was instantly in love, almost like I had found my 'soul mate'. We have also decided to incorporate the wave from the necklace into the logo together with the contrasting colours of different shades of blue and the beach sand. 

The ocean definitely is calling you....

Peace ✌💙

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